The Truth of The Diamonds – Stardoll

The eldest of the young women in the Diamond family, Christina Diamond, has been caught red handed. She looks so innocent but an anonymous source gives information about the real Christina Diamond. Her family has a reputation for owning several businesses, schools and charities, Christina should be more careful… 

The anonymous source gives information that Christina spent a little of her time at a stripping club, working and serving men. Apparently she was spotted taking a man ten times her age home! This news is shocking I am sure, who knew from every girl from the school, Christina would be one of those dirty things. This changes everything about how we think about her, once a bubbly outgoing and fun friend, has turned into an alcaholic monster. Those are the words I would describe her, please comment!


Getting The Word Out There

Elite…Academy On Stardoll

Elite Academy is a school owned by the Diamond family. 16 year old Christina Diamond and 13 year old Selaria Diamond and their family own the enormous school, the school was made for the gifted, the best and the elites. The students notice strange things happening here… There are more mysterious events happening in the student’s lives, your best friend can not be trusted no more, the boy of your dreams is a cheater, the teachers have a few secrets of their own… The school has a gossip site which recieves regular posts from an anonymous user. She is known by her code name Ms.Communic@tion, she knows everybodies secrets and is determined to get the truth out there. Is she a student? A teacher? Who is she? Nobody knows… Lately there has been one thing on every student’s minds, Elite Academy is turning into a boarding school… How will they build their lives on campus? Will they make new friends as the new school year starts? Will they face old enemies? What will they do?

Can you tackle the obstacles, challenges and drama of this club? Join now! 

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